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Phone Straps & Charms – Why The Top 2021 Accessory Is Booming?

Phone Straps & Charms – Why The Top 2021 Accessory Is Booming?

Trends are made to be tried out. That is definitely for sure, especially when it comes to the accessories. As part of the fashion industry, accessories play a vital role in the completion and creation of one’s look and outfit. While a great focus and accent are being put on the fashion accessories such as bags, jewelry, and footwear, 2021 introduced a trend that came in as sort of a novelty. The trend of the phone straps and charms instantly took over the accessories market. Celebrities, influencers, fashionistas, everyone is using it!


Many consider the phone straps and charms as part of the details that define Gen Z. for those who are a bit older, they certainly do remember the 2000s, when the cell phone cords were the closes things to these modern accessories. This is only another proof that 2021 is the year of trends revival, bringing back all the nostalgia from the 2000s, in a fresher, juicier, and more colorful way. It was just the right time to channel some of the focus into the cell phone accessories. And the celebrities were the first to try it out and layout the land for the mass consumer market.


So, if you are looking to add some trendy vibe to your phone, and make it look more interesting and stylish, the phone straps and the charms are definitely the option to go with. Sure, the phone case is not to be missed, since they play a huge protective role, but the charms and the straps are a fashionable way to make a statement.

Here are several trends why you should consider adding straps and charms to your phone and you can find them at HIMODA:


  1. Stylish way to keep your hands free

The first time the long phone straps appeared on the fashion scene, many were skeptical and wondering if that is the new way to wear your phone. The look resembled a mini cross-body bag. However, it later appeared to be a trend that will grow huge, and a comfortable way to keep your hands free and have your phone within their reach. Of course, the trend would not be complete if the strap itself was not stylish and fashionable to play the purpose.


The Pearl Necklace CrossBody strap is a wonderful option for all those fashionistas who are new to the trend but willing to try it out. The pearls always carry that dose of sensibility and class, so carrying your phone with such a strap is like wearing pearl jewelry too. From the first look, this pearl strap will captivate you with the discreet sheer of the wonderful pearls. Moreover, it is also versatile and delicate – an original and new way to carry your smartphone. The gold hooks at the ends add to the stylishness and it is just long enough so that you can wear it cross-body and still have just enough space to reach out to your phone.


  1. Childhood nostalgia

The beaded phone straps and charms are just another of the retro styles that come with a fresh version of these accessories. Women particularly remember the early childhood days, when as little girls, they would sit in their rooms or yards, beading all sorts of candy and charms and create the most unique bracelets and necklaces. Well, this childhood nostalgia is the original trend that inspired the short phone straps as phone accessories.


For those who are looking to add such details and remember the carefree days when they were little, the Beaded Phone Strap – fruits Love will be more than enough detail. This short strap is just enough to attach it to your phone. It will dangle and complement the phone case. Colorful, playful, interesting, and unique, this phone strap features a lot of beaded details, and the ones that especially stand out are the fruity beads.


  1. Flower power

The hippie style and the Boho style are still very popular today. Many women find them as a fashion inspiration and it is certainly a trend that does not seem to lose in popularity. The Boho details, especially the flowers, are an excellent addition to the phone straps, making them look pretty retro. Happiness and positivity are just what defines those particular times, which are the inspiration for the phone straps style trend.


Such phone accessory, that combines the Boho style, the flower power, and the calm colors is the Beaded phone strap – white flowers. The carefully chosen colors and details that present the hippie style, with the white flower beads create this unique phone strap that is absolutely stylish and retro at the same time.


  1. Juicy fruits

Fruit details and prints have always been an interesting part of fashion and accessories styles. Lately, their popularity can greatly be seen with their great presence on different garments and accessories. this summer, one special fruit that was highly accentuated was the strawberry. This juicy and sweet fruit was present as colorful print and detail that would bring some difference in the clothes and outfits. Moreover, it is a perfect way to make every piece look girly and more interesting.


The Beaded Phone Strap – Strawberry Love is everything that one girl wants. The perfect combination of red and pink is the ultimate color choice. The beads are round, resembling a look of pearls. An on top of that, there are strawberry-like beads that make the strap look very colorful and interesting. This is a wonderful choice to keep it safe and secure it from falling.


At HIMODA you can find a wide range of  cute & stylish phone straps with added charms for your personal styling needs and for fun! Enjoy the comeback of this retro detail and make your phone part of your fashion style.

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